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Black inBusiness

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Why One Million Black Women: Black in Business

We listened. And the research is clear. Entrepreneurship equalizes.
It is key to unlocking your future. Your power. Your wealth.

Your time is valuable. Goldman Sachs spent the last decade helping small businesses grow with 10,000 Small Businesses. Now Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women is taking it further–reaching Black women sole proprietors with the tools necessary to turn their business potential into business growth.

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“I would tell any Black woman who wants to become an entrepreneur that she should surround herself with people who can provide expertise, advice, a shoulder, time—because that is invaluable.”

Lisa Johnson — Founder & Director, Mathtopian Preparation

Program Details

  • 10-week online business education program (Free and specific to your business)
  • In-person learning at Goldman Sachs in NYC (All Expenses Paid)
  • $2,000 stipend to help you along the way
  • A powerful network of Black women entrepreneurs
  • Strategic advisors to guide your path to growth

  • Black woman-owned sole proprietorship (No Other Full-time Employees)
  • Revenue-generating business
  • Operating for at least one year

  • 5.5 hours per week, online, with built-in flexibility for your schedule
  • Develop, present and receive feedback on your business action plan
  • In-person orientation and graduation sessions
  • Meet with advisors, mentors, and other business leaders

  • Cohort 1 May – July 2022
  • Cohort 2 September – November 2022
  • Cohort 3 February – May 2023


  1. Know Your Customer

  2. Move from Founder to CEO

  3. Scaling for Profitable Growth

  4. Effective Marketing

  5. Managing Your Finances

  6. Positioning to Raise

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